Wednesday, February 20, 2013

LivesOn and virtual life after death: When your heart stops beating, you'll keep tweeting! New Twitter APP will allow tweeting from the afterlife... REALLY?

The human desire for survival of consciousness and fear of death is so strong, despite the atheist propaganda for materialism and personal extinction after death, that now a new APP for twitter exists which allow dead people keep tweeting after death... obviously NOT literally, but "virtually". The add is known as LIVESON.

According to this website:

You might think your online fans will lose interest when you kick the bucket, but an upcoming app says it will let you keep tweeting from beyond the grave. 

LivesOn will host Twitter accounts that continue to post updates when users shed this mortal coil. 

Developers claim the app's artificial-intelligence engine will analyze your Twitter feed, learn your likes and syntax, and then post tweets in a similar vein when you're gone. 

You'll become an AI construct, a proverbial ghost in the machine. 

Obviously, such technology is sheer delusion. If there is not life after death in any literal sense, then the whole app becomes a kind of "game", a kind of online delusion. 

The whole point of twitter is the possibility of communicating with others (real, living agents). Reading their tweets, replying to them, allowing other people to know our views, etc. 

But what is the point of keep reading, let's say Michael Jackson's tweets, if he doesn't exist anymore? It is astonishing that grown, sane, rational adults will follow with interest a dead person's tweets, when such tweets come actually from a insentient, purely mechanical computer, not from a real person. More ridiculous will be retweet them or even reply to them. Sheer technology-induced self-deception, only possible in a highly secularized, anti-spiritual society.

This is a symptom of the currently fashionable, technologically based materialistic secularism, which tries to fill the spiritual vacuum created by the contemporary materialistic-atheistic-naturalistic worldview with the same religious hopes for immortality and life after death (which make full sense in a theistic worldview, but not in a purely atheistic one), even if such hopes are purely illusory or based on a computer, as in this case.

Sometimes, technology tends to make people a little bit stupid and incapable of hard, critical, rational thinking and serious, honest, fruitful seeking for true spiritual enlightment.

If there is life after death (as I happen to believe), we don't need to fool ourselves using an app like this (except for fun).